38mm 4.6g Crankbait Mini Floating Bionic Crank Little Fatty Lure Artificial Bait Hard Bait Fishing Lure Wobbler
2020-05-21 12:32:19
Logistics:Cainiao Super Economy   Color:Beige  
Thank you seller! The parcel went 39 days! Put it in the mailbox. Paid $1,28 ($97,23.00), cashback will get 1,5% -$0,02(* see. below)! Good quality copy Jackall chubby 38 SSR! Length 38mm, weight at all 4,6 grams. straight clones! There is a magnetic, it works easily, out of 4 u one, but it was developed! Without a leash, transparent-Brown-sp. Quiet. Sharp hooks, super rings! The painting is excellent! I will not change anything! The hinges did not glue. Decent Crank! More such goods! I recommend wobbler and seller! Everyone! * Savings on purchases, except for all discounts, from 1,5%! On many goods, incl. Fishing, up to 90%! Copy to browser: ☀️Got. By/3xvd2v (remove the gap after the point), Register, and buy from this site in Ali. Check the goods for affiliated! If yes! Will charge % for purchase! Conclusion %, after receiving the parcel, to the bank. card, phone or e-wallet. checked! Without additional investment! You also buy, only go to Ali through this service! saved a lot of money! Good shopping!
Additional feedback
Today I caught these 2 miracles! Beak the cord in the area of 100g and perch under 150g per uniform. I didn't rely anymore. Many wobblers have not yet been caught! We have a fry, Pike is not active, perch after spawning! Magnetic works! Flies, well, very decent! And far away, and for sure! Spin 1-7G. Recommend! From nothing to do, being on self-isolation, counted the cost of some goods purchased on Ali, taking into account the cashbek. What happened, I was shocked! Some shopping made with Navar!!! For example, I ordered Bluetooth headsets, in the photo-2 pcs., paid 227,30 rubles. For one, and a month after receiving the parcel for it returned 239,97 rubles. (course $ jumped, and cashback was 90%)! T. E., I bought it not just for nothing!, and I was also paid extra (12,67 rubles. x 2 pcs) 25,34 rubles!!! This is not a single case, you just need to register (* see. Above). Also buy, only go to Ali or other sites (there are icons) through this cache service! Save a lot of money! Good shopping!