38mm 4.6g Crankbait Mini Floating Bionic Crank Little Fatty Lure Artificial Bait Hard Bait Fishing Lure Wobbler
2020-07-14 15:23:47
Logistics:Cainiao Super Economy   Color:Beige  
Great wobbler party. The first time I get wobblers with Ali, when it's definitely not necessary to glue the loops, even the tail. I liked the hooks, I do not intend to change them. There is a magnetic system of long-range scoring, at all works without complaints. In water without cord and leash slowly 1 - 1,5 cm per second drown in water thicker, practically a suspension. On the surface of the water with a neat layout floats due to the surface tension. Delivery turned out fast due to the consolidation of parcels. Recommend.