38mm 4.6g Crankbait Mini Floating Bionic Crank Little Fatty Lure Artificial Bait Hard Bait Fishing Lure Wobbler
2020-09-28 10:51:34
Logistics:Cainiao Super Economy   Color:Beige  
The first order never came 1 pc was. Now ordered 5 pcs., arrived in 10 days. I think the comments here are redundant, this wobbler has already become popular. I will not say anything about the game, now until next season. The quality is fine. Of course, on the transparent it can be seen that the Bolt is glued not God's word as neatly, but the price tag covers everything. Let's see how it will be in the case, the original is just a killer head, I hope and this will shoot from the heart. On the photo from above original