2Pcs 1156 BA15S P21W LED T15 W16W P27W 7440 W21W W21/5W LED Bulb 1157 bay15d P21/5W LED Auto Signal Lamp Brake Reverse Car Light
2020-03-10 10:37:38
Logistics:AliExpress Standard Shipping   Emitting Color:White   Color Temperature:6500K  
In principle, for its price the quality is acceptable, the only fear causes the place of gluing the substrate. The body is not solid aluminum, the base is made of plastic. Shine quite brightly, eyes do not tolerate at all if you look at the lamp. The only moment is very warm. In 2 minutes of operation, the radiator heated more than 105 degrees.
Additional feedback
Put on the car (Kia Ceed 1 restyling). The lights of the lamp rose without problems, the light is much more vigorous than halogen. In the photo on the left diodes, on the right halogen. Let's see how much will work and whether the lantern will melt.